Rep. Howard Signs Bipartisan Letter in Support of Acute Therapy Access

This morning, Rep. Howard & Rep. Matt Krause issued a bipartisan letter to HHSC, asking for a cancellation or delay in new rules which may negatively impact access to acute therapy. Those rules are currently set to go into effect tomorrow.

Previous rate reductions and funding cuts have already limited access, and the Legislature approved a 25% restoration of funding in the Regular Session earlier this year. Unfortunately, a bill to fully restore funding failed to pass in the recent Special Session.

A copy of today's letter can be found below. As of yet, HHSC has not issued a response, but we'll keep you updated!

Howard-Krause_Letter to HHSC EC Smith_Acute Therapy_08.31.2017_Page_1.jpg
Howard-Krause_Letter to HHSC EC Smith_Acute Therapy_08.31.2017_Page_2.jpg