Resources for Hurricane Preparedness

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Forecasters have just upgraded Tropical Storm Harvey to a Category 1 hurricane, and it is expected to make landfall tomorrow. Computer models have already suggested it will increase to a Category 3 hurricane by landfall and could drop a dozen or more inches of rain in less than a day, posing risks of severe flooding and storm damage all along the coast.

If you have disaster-related requests for food, clothing, evacuation/transportation assistance, or other immediate assistance, please use the following numbers:

- The American Red Cross: ( or call toll free 1-866-438-4636

- 2-1-1 Texas ( or dial 2-1-1 or call toll free 1-877-541-7905.

Additional disaster resources are also available on the Texas Prepares site from the Texas Department of State Health Services (, or the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs website (

You can also look to the following links for helpful information:

  1. Hurricane Preparedness Tips from DPS
  2. Emergency Supply Kit List from DPS
  3. What to do Before and During Major Storms
  4. Emergency Documents to Prepare
  5. Evacuation Routes Across Texas
  6. Texas Emergency Preparedness Site for All Information

Stay safe!