Birthday 2020 Announcement


Dear Friend,

It's my birthday today, and I wanted to thank you for allowing me to serve another year as your Representative for House District 48.

After a hectic month of town halls, speaking engagements, and participating in two panels during TribFest 2019, I'm looking forward to taking some time for myself, at least for the day. Since I have a trip planned for today, I completed my annual birthday tradition of running 10 miles around Lady Bird Lake earlier in the week. Like every year, it’s a nice diversion, but the truth is that I do some of my best thinking on the trail -- thinking about my work at the Legislature and about my reelection campaign, which I’m happy to announce with this email, is officially underway. 

I run on the trail to take my mind off of the state's continuous assault on the rights and wellbeing of women, but I'm also running for reelection to help beat back those attacks and to push for equal opportunity.

I run as often as I can to stay healthy, but I'm also running for another term to better ensure that all Texans have access to affordable health care. 

I run along Lady Bird Lake to enjoy the outdoors, but I'm also running for House District 48 to stand up for our environment and protect our natural resources throughout the state.

Now I’m asking you to run with me on the campaign trail.  I’ve put in a good number of miles so far, but if we’re going to go the distance and take back Texas, I’m going to need your support.

Already, we accomplished a lot last session:

  • Established a comprehensive sexual assault survivors’ task force.

  • Appropriated additional billions in funding to increase the state's share of public education financing.

  • Spoke truth to power against unnecessary political stunts like SB 22 and  HB 16, which ultimately harm women’s access to healthcare.

I continue to be honored that you have given me the opportunity to represent you at the Capitol.  I'm running for reelection to continue fighting for you. Please join my birthday celebration with your contribution to my campaign and keep me running!

Thank you for your support,


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